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698 NW York Drive
Bend, Oregon 97703

Our Approach

We believe in following an established process. This helps to develop consistent and high quality advice.

This process includes:

  • Establishing and defining the client/advisor relationship through development of a customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Gathering client data including goals and a client's risk tolerance level
  • Analyzing and evaluating each client's financial situation including their current investment portfolio
  • Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and alternatives
  • Implementing financial planning/portfolio recommendations
  • Monitoring the financial planning/portfolio recommendations and making adjustments as necessary

Our philosophy emphasizes our clients' long-term goals and monitors their progress rather than chasing short-term trends. We review performance histories, determine wealth allocations and assist with financial planning needs on an on-going basis.

We are always available for guidance, even when the markets are volatile or if there is a change in a client's personal situation.